How to Remove an Awning From a Camper

How to Remove an Awning From a Camper
An awning offers protection from the sun, rain and wind. If you want to remove your awning because of wear and tear, or want to remove it in advance of a heavy storm, you can do so in a few moderately difficult steps. As a safety precaution, follow all instructions carefully to prevent injury to yourself, your helper(s), and your camper. After the awning is safely removed, store it in a basement or garage where it is out of the way.


Difficulty: Moderate

Step 1
Work as a team. Instruct one person to maintain control of the tube on one end, while you release the upright from the rear of the RV and put it into the shortest position. Find the arrow printed on the upright. Flip the upright in the opposite direction of the arrow, which is away from the direction the tube rolls in.
Step 2
Unwrap the springs. Rotate the upright to unwrap the spring tension. One rotation equals one foot of awning, so a 12-foot awning will have 12 wraps. Once you unwrap the rear spring, reattach the upright to the RV. Do the same for the front torsion spring. Remember to release the latch at the top of the upright.
Step 3
Remove the awning from the RV. Instruct your helpers to maintain control of each awning as you guide the awning from the RV. "Walk" the awning out, so it remains stable and does not crash down or cause injury to yourself or your helpers.
Step 4
Lay the awning to the side, out of the way of others.

Tips & Warnings

The removal of an awning usually requires at least three people.
The rear end of the awning rail must be straight so the awning can slide out.

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