How to Wind Cord on a Reel

How to Wind Cord on a Reel
Adding fishing cord to a fishing reel is a relatively easy task. Once you purchase the correct type of monofilament fishing cord, you can thread the spool of a reel and wind the line in a matter of minutes. You'll need to repeat the process each time you finish a spool of line. Depending on how much use your reel gets in a year, you may only have to wind new fishing cord onto your reel once or twice.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Monofilament fishing cord
Step 1
Thread the fishing cord through the hole located at the center of the wheel barrel on your fishing reel.
Step 2
Pull the cord through the inside of the barrel. Pull the tag end toward your body and away from the reel. Pull until you create approximately two feet of slack. Hold this section of cord to the side.
Step 3
Use the handle on the barrel to reel in the cord that is inside the barrel. Continue to rotate the handle until the cord is completely wrapped around the barrel.
Step 4
Check for knots in the cord. Manually adjust the line on the barrel so it remains even.

Tips & Warnings

Wind the fishing cord slowly and flatten the wrapped cord for a smooth line across the barrel.
Never allow the fishing cord to tangle or you will not be able to cast it.

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