How to Wind an RV Awning

How to Wind an RV Awning
The tension springs on an awning are designed to prevent sagging and swaying when light winds and heavy rains occur or snow settles on the awning during winter months. Because tension springs can lose tension over time, it is necessary to occasionally wind your RV awning so it is as tight as when you first purchased it. The process is simple, but special care must be taken to avoid serious injury. The torsion assembly is made up of a tension spring, end cap and cam lock mechanism. It is located on the awning tube and secured by two rivets.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Cotter pin
Step 1
Release the travel locks and move the lever located on the cam lock to the roll-down position.
Step 2
Lower the awning arm.
Step 3
Find the end caps on the awning arm. Rotate the inner shaft until the holes located at both end caps line up. Insert a cotter pin with vice grips and bend both ends to lock into place.
Step 4
Find the number of turns required for your model. This information will be listed on the end cap. You will also see information regarding which direction you must turn the spring.
Step 5
Wind the spring. One rotation equals one foot of awning, so a 16-foot awning will have 16 rotations. Do the same for the front torsion spring. Release the latch located at the top of the upright.

Tips & Warnings

Have a helper assist you in winding your RV awning. One person can hold the awning arm, while the other completes the above steps.
Tension springs have a significant amount of stored tension. Handle them with care.

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