How to Tie Two Fishing Lines Together

How to Tie Two Fishing Lines Together
When it comes time to tie fishing lines together, the Albright knot gets the job done. The Albright knot, when tied correctly, will easily slip through the rod guides on your pole if that part of the line comes into play. The Albright knot is best suited when joining lines of unequal diameter, such as when you attach a leader to your regular monofilament.


Difficulty: Challenging

Things You’ll Need:
  • Nail clippers
  • Nail clippers
Step 1
Make a loop of about 2 inches long with the heavier of the two lines.
Step 2
Push the thinner of the two lines through the loop and then begin to wrap the thinner line back around itself and the loop of the heavier line.
Step 3
Make 10 succinct, neat wraps around the line. Use your fingers to hold each loop in place.
Step 4
Thread the loose end of the lighter line back through the loop in the same spot it entered in.
Step 5
Moisten your knot with saliva and then pull the loose end of the lighter line tightly to make your Albright knot taut. Trim the ends of the heavier line and lighter line with nail clippers.

Tips & Warnings

Use this knot to join fly fishing line to the backing on your fly reel.

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