Backpacking Food Planning

Backpacking Food Planning
One of the most important considerations when planning a backpacking trip is the food you'll be putting into your pack. Since you'll have to carry all of your supplies, a well-conceived plan will help lighten the load.


Difficulty: Easy

Tips on Backpacking Food Planning

Things You’ll Need:
  • Menu
  • Easy-to-Prepare Meals
  • Drink Packets
Step 1
Determine what you'll be eating for each meal on your adventure. Don't forget about snacks.
Step 2
Consider how much of the weight in your backpack you want to designate for food. You'll then have an idea of what types of food to carry.
Step 3
Choose easy, nutritious meals that can be heated by themselves or can be mixed with hot water. Instant oatmeal, grits, soup mixes, beans and rice, pasta, and packets of cooked chicken and tuna are lightweight and easy to prepare.
Step 4
Pack lightweight snack items that will give you needed energy while hiking: peanut butter crackers, chocolate, beef jerky, nuts, dried fruit or trail mix.
Step 5
Consider the size of your backpacking stove when deciding on food items. Don't bring a large pot for cooking if you only have a small stove to cook on.
Step 6
Purchase lightweight drink packets; simply pour the powder into water to add flavor. There are flavored teas as well.

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