How to Sleep in a Cargo Trailer

How to Sleep in a Cargo Trailer
A cargo trailer may not be an ideal form of shelter, but it is enclosed and can provide protection from the elements. A standard-size cargo trailer can accommodate an adult cot or sleeping bag. As long as the trailer is parked in a safe area, and you are not in violation of any parking rules, you can sleep inside a trailer for as long as you require. But take precautions to ensure that the space remains clean over time.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Choose your sleeping location inside the trailer. Bedding options include a sleeping bag or cot, both of which are easy to set up and remove.
Step 2
Fit the sleeping bag or cot with a foam bedding pad. The floor of the trailer may become uncomfortable if an overlay or bedding pads are not used, so add as necessary.
Step 3
Add standard bedding. For low temperatures, consider a solar blanket to minimize the number of layers required to maintain your body heat. Include a pillow or maximize space by using a folding camping pillow or blanket pillow, which doubles as an added blanket. Both are compact and can be stored in a travel pack.
Step 4
Remove bedding daily. This is to prevent body moisture from getting trapped in the sleeping bag or cot with repeated use. Allow to air or dry in the sun. This will also minimize odor.

Tips & Warnings

A cargo trailer can stand as tall as 8 feet and measure as long as 16 feet depending on the model and size.
Tie down equipment and boxes stored inside the trailer to prevent a fall in the middle of the night.
Keep the walkway in your trailer clear to avoid an accident.

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