How to Tie Fishing Flies With Propellers Added

How to Tie Fishing Flies With Propellers Added
Propellers add motion and noise to flies and are easily incorporated into any fly pattern. Propellers typically come in gold or silver and are used on nymphs and streamers. The original propeller fly was the Pistol Pete, but propellers have since been used on prince nymphs, pheasant tails and wooly buggers. Propellers sit on the hook shank without the use of fly tying thread. Tying the propeller to the hook shank will prevent it from spinning freely.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Silver or gold propeller
  • Hook
  • 2 beads
  • Zap-A-Gap superglue
Step 1
Slide the bead over the hook point and down to the eye of the hook. Slide the propeller over the bend in the hook and down the hook shank until it is touching the bead. Slide the second bead over the hook and down the hook shank until it is touching the propeller.
Step 2
Begin tying the thread in front of the second bead and wrap the thread up and down the hook shank until a layer of thread thick enough to stop the bead is formed. Whip-finish the thread and apply a small drop of Zap-A-Gap to it. There should be a very small gap between the propeller and the two beads. If you do not leave a gap the beads will prevent the propeller from spinning.
Step 3
Continue to tie the fly pattern until it is completed. Once completed, test the propeller by flicking it with your fingers. The propeller will spin without resistance from the beads.

Tips & Warnings

You can tie the fly with a single bead by sliding it over the hook shank first then adding the bead. Test the propeller by trying to slide it over the eye of the hook. If the diameter of the eye is not large enough to stop the propeller than you can tie a thick thread head and coat it with Zap-A-Gap before adding the propeller.
Tying a propeller on a dry fly can sink the fly while fishing. Propellers have little effect on dry flies but are useful for nymphs and streamers.

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