How to Tie Tandem Hooks

How to Tie Tandem Hooks
The tandem hook rig is an easy technique for adding a second hook to your line. Because the size and spacing of the hooks will depend on the type of bait you use and the type of fish you want to catch, it is important that you tie your hooks properly. Doing so will increase your chance of catching a fish. Tying tandem hooks isn't difficult, but if you have not tied a hook before, it may take a few attempts before you get it right.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Fly tying vise
Step 1
Place the hooks in a fly-tying vise.
Step 2
Insert the loose end of your fishing line through the eye of your first hook. Allow for about 3 inches of extra space. Thread the loose end of your line through the loop twice to form a loose knot.
Step 3
Pull the knot until it forms a figure-8. Pull the hook through the figure-8 knot until the knot closes just forward of the eye of the hook.
Step 4
Tie the second hook to the line, using a simple Chinese connection knot. Start with the tag end of your line. Then, create a double loop. Cross one end over the loop at the front and the other at the back. Tuck both ends of the line under its opposite loop. Finally, tuck the line through the next loop and pull it tight.

Tips & Warnings

The type of bait you use will determine the distance between each hook. Make adjustments as necessary.
Handle your hooks with gloves to avoid injury.

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