DIY Pop-Up Camper Awning

DIY Pop-Up Camper Awning
Sun, rain and heavy winds can wreak havoc on a campsite. Instead of dealing with the elements during your next camping trip, install a pop-up camper awning to provide shade and protection against extreme weather. Awnings also provide additional storage space; especially for equipment, gear and bicycles. The setup process only requires a few steps. Once the awning is in place, you and the other members of your group can sit under the awning and toast a job well done.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Lower the awning arms with the pull-down strap, which is on the awning slot tube.
Step 2
Loosen the rafter knobs and rafter catches, both of which are on the back of the awning arms.
Step 3
Grip the awning rod and strap as you slide the rafters down to the rest position. Be careful that the awning does not slide down as you loosen the rafters; this can damage your camper and is potentially dangerous.
Step 4
Put the ratchet mechanism in the roll-up or "In" position.
Step 5
Attach the awning hook to the pull strap. Slowly wind the awning up.
Step 6
Pull down the handle releases.
Step 7
Secure the travel locks and rafter knobs.

Tips & Warnings

Camper awnings are heavy and can scratch your RV if dropped or not held properly.
Take caution when using an awning during heavy winds.

Article Written By Charlie Gaston

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