How to Test a Fishing Line

How to Test a Fishing Line
Long before you head out fishing, test your fishing line to determine if it needs to be replaced. Normal household items can be used to perform this test. Successfully testing your line will give you confidence that it's up to the task.


Difficulty: Moderate

How to Test a Fishing Line

Things You’ll Need:
  • Rod and Reel Work Gloves Large Washer
  • Rod and Reel
  • Work Gloves
  • Large Washer
Step 1
Pull on your line from opposite directions while wearing a pair of gloves to test its integrity. Knots weaken a line considerably, so examine closely.
Step 2
Tie your line to a fence or a tree and set the drag on your reel so that line will come off grudgingly as you walk slowly backward. Only inspect the first 20 yards or so in this manner as this is where most breaks will occur under duress.
Step 3
Affix a large washer to your fishing line and go to an open field where you can cast without hitting anybody or anything. Cast your line out as far as possible and reel the washer in over the grass. Cast again and jerk back on your line as the washer is in full flight to test your line.
Step 4
Secure your line to the base of a tree or a fence and walk away, allowing about 20 yards to come off the reel. Stop and then go through the same motions as you would if you were attempting to set a hook in a large fish, Bring the rod tip back quickly and forcefully two or three times to ascertain whether the line will hold up in a similar situation while actually fishing.

Tips & Warnings

Check your line visually and by running it through your fingers lightly to find any abrasions or nicks that could cause it to snap under pressure. Perform this maintenance check often when using monofilament line and replace the line if you feel it is compromised..
Take great care when pulling on braided lines as they are capable of cutting your skin.

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