How to Calibrate a Wireless Speedometer on a Bicycle

How to Calibrate a Wireless Speedometer on a Bicycle
Wireless speedometers make it easy for you to track your distance, speed and altitude when cycling. Because the device does not have wires, you don't have to worry about wires bowing out and being pulled into your front tires. To calibrate your speedometer simply means to input the measurement for your bike wheel size and then update the settings for the most accurate reading of your speed and distance, both of which are directly determined by your bike wheel size.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Wrench
  • Tape measure
Step 1
Use a 14mm or 15mm wrench to remove the front wheel of your bicycle. Remove the axle nuts to release the wheel. You can also use the quick-release lever to release the wheel. This step is only necessary if you do not know your bike wheel size. If you do know your bike wheel size, proceed to Step 3.
Step 2
Measure your bike wheel size. Tires for standard adult bikes typically measure 26 or 27 inches in diameter. In addition to the diameter, the width of a tire is also included in its total measurement. For example, a bicycle with a measurement of 26 x 2.125 inches measures 26 inches in diameter and 2.125 inches in width. As a general rule of thumb, mountain bikes measure 26 x 1.5; however, this measurement is not true for all mountain bikes and certainly not for every type of bicycle. (Check the side of your tire for sizing information.) Most speedometers only accept a two-digit number for your wheel size, so you'll end up entering a two-digit number such as 26 or 27.
Step 3
Press the "Setup" or "Reset" button on your speedometer.
Step 4
Go to the "Wheel Size" designation and enter the wheel size for your bicycle. Press the correct button until you increase the digit to the correct wheel size. This value must be exact. Some speedometers require you to select one digit at a time, so press the correct button to input the next digit.
Step 5
Exit "Setup" mode. You may be required to press the left button for a specified number of seconds to exit. Follow the directions on the computer screen or refer to your instruction manual.

Tips & Warnings

Set your speedometer to provide distance in miles or kilometers.
One button is used to raise the calibration value, and another is used to lower it. Follow the directions of the arrow to raise or lower wheel size as directed.
Not all bike computers are the same. You must refer to the manufacturer's instructions to calibrate your wireless speedometer correctly. This article is only a basic guide to the calibration process. Specific instructions for various speedometer models are available in the "Reference" section.

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