How to Raise a Bicycle Seat

How to Raise a Bicycle Seat
Getting the right position for your bicycle seat is not only a matter of comfort, it's a matter of safety and performance. A poorly positioned seat can cause problems when it comes to pedaling. Learn how to raise or lower your seat and you'll always be able to fine-tune it to fit properly.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Check out your hardware where the seat post meets the frame. Many bikes now include a quick-release clamp. Other bikes have a bolt, which will require you to have the proper-sized wrench.
Step 2
Release the clamp. For a quick-release, pull the lever out and the clamp will open. Or loosen the bolt using a wrench or Allen wrench by turning it counterclockwise.
Step 3
Slide the seat post upward. With the clamp loose, you will be able to pull the seat higher or push it lower. Adjust it to the desired height.
Step 4
Stand behind the bike and ensure that the seat is even; it should be pointed directly in line with the top tube. You don't want the seat to be uneven.
Step 5
Resecure the seat post by closing the quick-release lever or by tightening the bolt.

Seat Angle

Step 1
Look underneath the seat. Perhaps the problem is with the tilt of the seat and not with the height of the seat post. You can adjust this by loosening the clamp that connects the seat to the seat post. You'll see one or two allen bolts and you will need to determine the right size Allen wrench.
Step 2
Loosen the bolt by turning it counterclockwise. Do not take it entirely off.
Step 3
Adjust the seat angle. With the bolt(s) loose, you can adjust the angle of the seat up or down. You can also adjust the position of the seat forward or backward.
Step 4
Tighten the Allen bolts. With your angle and position correctly set, tighten all hardware.

Tips & Warnings

When seated, your knee should bend slightly when the pedal is at the very bottom of the rotation and the ball of your foot is on the pedal.
Be sure to fully tighten all hardware before riding.

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