How to Fish in Ponds

How to Fish in Ponds
Most anglers begin by fishing in small ponds. Farm ponds, backyard ponds, bodies of water that are too small to be called lakes and stocked ponds offer great training. But there is no reason to ignore ponds once you become a proficient fisherman. Fishing in these waters can often be quite productive.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Rod and reel Slip bobbers Night crawlers
  • Rod and reel
  • Slip bobbers
  • Night crawlers
Step 1
Determine what type of fish live in the ponds in your area. Small ponds can often be scouted from shore. Other ponds might require you to ask the landowner or do a habitat check.
Step 2
Search around the pond for springs, brooks or small streams that might empty into or flow out of it. These are spots where fish will congregate, especially in hot weather when oxygen levels are low.
Step 3
Keep as quiet as possible. Because of the small area they live in, fish in a pond are under constant threat from any number of predators and will be wary of any movements on shore.
Step 4
Attach a slip bobber to your line and fish with night crawlers. A float will keep the worm off the bottom, which in most ponds is muddy and weedy. Night crawlers are a universal bait that will garner the attention of any fish species in a pond.
Step 5
Go fishing in ponds in the early morning and right before sunset. These are the hours that the fish will be the most active.

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