How to Rig Mud Minnows

How to Rig Mud Minnows
Mud minnows are a family of small fish native to North America popular with live bait fishermen. They live in rivers, creeks and lakes and get their name from the muddy, shallow water they inhabit. Mud minnows are well-adapted for the low oxygen content of the sluggish waters they live in and are a good choice for freshwater fishing in shallow or slow-moving water. Rigging a mud minnow is simple even for a novice angler.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Fishing rod
  • Hook
  • Tackle
Step 1
Rig a light rod with slow-action, 2- to 4-lb. fishing line and size 8 or 10 hooks. The slow action will prevent the rod from pulling the hook from the minnow on the cast, and the light fishing line and small hooks will allow the minnow to swim more freely.
Step 2
Thread the hook through the mud minnow's lower lip and out the upper lip, between the nostrils. This is a durable rig that doesn't pull out easily and allows the minnow to swim fairly naturally. The disadvantage is that it stops the minnow's gills from drawing water, which eventually suffocates it. This method works well for trolling and repeated cast-and-retrieve fishing.
Step 3
Hook the minnow through the back for float and sinker fishing. Insert the hook through the mud minnow's back in front of the dorsal fin, being careful to only hook the skin and not the spine as well. This will allow the minnow to swim very naturally and live for a long time.
Step 4
Hook the mud minnow through the tail right in front of the fin without any weight or floats on the line. Cast the fish and allow it to swim freely. The minnow will survive for quite a long while, and will swim along by itself, attracting fish for you.

Article Written By Isaiah David

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