How to Do a Stoppie on a Bike

How to Do a Stoppie on a Bike
It's known by many names, including the nose wheelie and the endo. But whatever it's called, the stoppie is a challenging move in which a bike moves along while propped up on only the front wheel--a trick you certainly should not attempt without wearing a helmet and other protective gear. Master a stoppie by learning when and how much to apply the front brake and letting your sense of balance take over from there.


Difficulty: Challenging

Step 1
Accelerate your bicycle to about 10 miles per hour. Keep the bike in first gear.
Step 2
Press your knees together against the bike's midsection.
Step 3
Give a little bounce on the bike's seat. The goal is to take the weight off the back tire for a moment.
Step 4
Pull the bike's front brake. Be forceful, but don't pull it in all the way immediately. Instead, make it gradual. Apply the brake in almost the same motion as you perform Step 3.
Step 5
Observe the tire to see whether it locks. Do this in a split second, almost simultaneously with Step 4. If the tire does lock, quickly release the brake to avoid a sure fall. If it doesn't, go on to Step 6.
Step 6
Release or pull on the brake, as needed, to maintain balance on the front tire. This step is all about balance, and you will perfect it with practice.

Tips & Warnings

Wear leather pants. This will allow you to grip the bike between your knees better than with jeans or some other fabric pants.
Find an empty parking lot or some other large, empty space to practice a stoppie.
To avoid serious injury, always wear a helmet when attempting a stoppie.

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