How to Seine for Fish

How to Seine for Fish
If you're looking to haul in an entire school of fish, seine fishing may be the way to go. Seine fishing employs the use of a seine--a specialized net--to encircle and trap large groups of fish. Seine fishing isn't easy to learn, but once you've got it down it could yield good results.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Things You’ll Need:
  • Floats
  • Weights
  • Power block
Step 1
Attach floats to the top of your seine. These will hold the net up in the water, ensuring that it doesn't dip below the surface.
Step 2
Attach weights to the bottom of your seine. These will hold your net down and, together with the floats, cause the net to form a sort of wall in the water. You'll notice, too, a row of rings at the bottom of the seine through which a rope is drawn. This will be important later.
Step 3
Attach one end of the seine "wall" to the back of your fishing vessel.
Step 4
Search for a school of fish. This may be done with the naked eye, with fish-finding sonar or by simple luck as you trawl through the water.
Step 5
Circle the fish with your boat. As you do so, the seine, trailing behind you, will encircle the fish.
Step 6
Pull the rope (running through the rings at the bottom of the seine. This "closes" the seine, like a purse, not allowing the fish to escape below the net.
Step 7
Haul the catch on board. If available, you may want to use a power block--a mechanized pulley--to haul the seine and the fish trapped within it onto your vessel.

Tips & Warnings

Unless you're fishing in the deep sea, there is always the possibility of snagging your seine on some underwater obstruction. Be aware of objects underneath the water.

Article Written By William Jackson

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