How to Trap Mud Minnows

How to Trap Mud Minnows
Mud minnows are a family of fish which can be found in shallow, often muddy fresh water across the Northern Hemisphere. They make great bait, and can easily be caught with a mud minnow trap. The minnow trap consists of a wire or plastic basket with inverted cones on either side and a small hole in the middle of each cone. Once a mud minnow finds its way into the hole it can't find its way out again, and is stuck there until the fishermen comes to get it. Minnow traps start at under $10 dollars as of 2010.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Mud minnow trap
  • Shrimp
  • Bread
  • Pet food
  • Bucket
Step 1
Place bait inside the trap. Mud minnows can be baited with shrimp heads, pieces of shrimp, pieces of bread rolled up into balls or small scoops of cat or dog food.
Step 2
Place the trap in shallow water so that two thirds of it is below the water line. If you're in an area with tidal shifts, place the trap in the water at low tide to get the right depth. Wait for between 3 and 24 hours.
Step 3
Scoop water from the creek or lake into a bucket near where the trap is. This water will be at the right temperature for the minnows and have dissolved oxygen for the fish.
Step 4
Check the trap. Dump any minnows into the bucket, then re-bait the trap and place it back in the water.
Step 5
Check the trap every day for as long as you wish to keep catching mud minnows.

Tips & Warnings

If too many minnows are caught in the trap at the same time, they may begin to cannibalize each other.

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