How to Choose Outdoor Tent Canopies

How to Choose Outdoor Tent CanopiesPop-up tent canopies offer protection from the elements for your family or other group. They are easy to assemble and can be set up on any flat surface. Before you purchase an outdoor tent canopy, consider the type of frame based on the durability you want, the size your group needs and any extra features to add to your comfort. You can purchase a tent canopy at camping and equipment stores as well as online retailers.


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Step 1
Choose a tent canopy based on size. Measure the length and height of the area you wish to cover and choose a canopy accordingly. Canopy top designs generally fall into two categories: traditional rooftop and flat surface.
Step 2
Consider what type of canopy is best for your needs. Opt for a snow canopy if you need protection from heavy snowfall and harsh elements. Go with a canopy with a valance top that hangs over the edge if light winds and strong sunshine are your only concerns. Choose a canopy with enclosures for multiple entrance and exit locations. Residential events and parties generally require only standard backyard canopies.
Step 3
Consider the frame. Choose a tent canopy with steel or reinforced poles when you're camping or otherwise using it in windy environs. Sectional side and center poles are available for added stability, which is especially useful during snowy weather and high winds. Choose a standard tent canopy when you're camping in warm weather where winds are relatively still.
Step 4
Select additional features. Flame resistance, waterproofing and UV protection are available in a variety of vinyl and canvas tops. Choose a mesh attachment for protection from insects.
Step 5
Check whether replacement parts are available and at what cost. Read the manufacturer's manual to learn whether the tent is covered under a limited or lifetime warranty.

Tips & Warnings

Store your tent canopy in the storage bag or carrying case the manufacturer provided. If you do not have one or the original is missing, use a standard canvas tote or a canvas bag, available at sporting goods stores, camping stores and large retailers.
Assemble your canopy per the manufacturer's instructions.

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