How to Retract a Camper Awning

How to Retract a Camper Awning
Use your camper awning to create shade on an especially hot day or to offer protection against the rain and light winds. Once you're ready to pack up, retract your awning in a few moderately easy steps. Take a few precautions to prevent the awning from sliding down and smashing onto your camper, which may include obtaining a helper to assist you, but the process should only take a few minutes.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Lower the awning arms, using the pull-down strap.
Step 2
Loosen the rafter knobs located on the back of the awning arms. Next, undo the rafter catches.
Step 3
Move the rafters down to the rest position, but do not allow the awning to roll up by itself. Maintain a strong hold of the awning rod and strap during this process to secure your handle on the awning as you loosen the rafters.
Step 4
Switch the ratchet mechanism to the roll-up or "In" position, using the switch near the top of the awning.
Step 5
Connect the awning hook to the pull strap. Carefully wind the awning up. Remove the hook when done.
Step 6
Lock the handle releases and secure the travel locks.
Step 7
Secure the rafter knobs to prevent the awning from opening without warning.

Tips & Warnings

Never retract a camper awning when small children are present.

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