Surfing Safety

Surfing Safety
A day ripping up waves can be an exhilarating workout for beginning and experienced surfers. It's not enough to just practice paddling and catching a wave. You also need a run-down of surfing safety to keep yourself safe, as well as those around you. Use common sense and protect yourself with the basics including sunscreen, a surf leash and common sense.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Surfboard leash Wetsuit
  • Surfboard leash
  • Wetsuit
Step 1
Practice basic safety by wearing sunscreen, watching for changing wave and weather conditions and staying hydrated.
Step 2
Respect the surf zones, lifeguards, and local beach laws while surfing. Most beaches enforce a leash law. Keep your surfboard close to your body to prevent injury to others.
Step 3
Learn CPR and first aid before surfing. Immediately call for help if a surfer has been injured and assist them to shore.
Step 4
Choose surfboard fins made from soft material. According to experts, fins are responsible for 30% of acute surfing accidents. Wearing a wetsuit can also help protect your skin from injury.
Step 5
Avoid surfing in dangerous conditions or tackling waves beyond your skill level. Do not surf in rip currents or near piers, boulders, reefs, crowds or cliffs unless you are a very experienced surfer.
Step 6
Watch for other surfers and swimmers. Anyone already riding a wave has the right away. Don't paddle into impact zones of crashing waves and avoid hitting an active surfer. If you encounter a surfer while paddling, remain as still as possible and allow them to pass.
Step 7
Refrain from acting aggressive in the water and passing other surfers who are paddling. Respect novice and experienced surfers alike.
Step 8
Respect the wildlife and environment around you. Stay away from sharks, jellyfish, sting rays and other ocean life. Use common sense and don't surf with open wounds or urinate. Sharks could confuse you for a distressed animal.

Tips & Warnings

Never surf alone.

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