How to Duck Dive on a Surfboard

How to Duck Dive on a Surfboard
Duck diving is a necessary skill for any aspiring or expert surfer. After working hard to paddle out to catch a wave, you need duck to avoid crashing waves until you're ready to go. Imagine a duck diving underwater with its hind quarters sticking out of the water before submerging itself completely. This is essentially the position you'll end up in while duck diving with your board. Keep moving, use your weight, control your board and work to get yourself into a paddling position to achieve the ultimate duck dive.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Surfboard
  • Surfboard
Step 1
Watch for large, approaching waves. Put your hands on the rails in front of you and use your weight to push the nose of your board under water. Lean forward to help submerge the front of the board.
Step 2
Calculate when the wave will break over you. By now the front of your board should be underwater.
Step 3
Take a deep breath when the wave crashes overhead and lay as flat as possible. Don't resist the water. You and your board should be completely underwater at this point. Don't worry if part of your board is still sticking out. Just keep practicing and work on getting the nose of your board submerged the next time.
Step 4
Hold onto your surfboard at all times. Even if you encounter a harsh wave and get thrown, don't let go. Remember that the force of a wave can be fierce and pop your board out of the water. You could injure yourself or other surfers.
Step 5
Guide your board back to the surface after the wave has passed. Your body should be positioned to resume paddling to catch your perfect wave.

Tips & Warnings

Practice duck diving in shallow water and graduate to small waves before venturing further into the ocean.

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