How to Make Crawfish Traps

How to Make Crawfish TrapsCrawfish are small crustaceans with ten legs. They reproduce rapidly and are very greedy, which makes trapping them relatively easy. Whether trapping them for food, pets or pest control, a simple wire frame trap will serve your needs easily and cheaply. Just locate your population of crawfish, plant your trap and check every day, and you'll have more crawfish than you'll know what to do with.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging


Things You’ll Need:
  • Roll of 1/4-inch hardware cloth, 2 x 5 feet
  • Wire cutters
  • Roll of 16-gauge wire
Step 1
Cut two 6- by 8-inch sections of hardware cloth with your wire cutters. Roll these sections into tubes and secure them in shape with ties cut from your 16-gauge wire. Tie the two sections together loosely enough that they may be pulled apart by you, but not loosely enough to get unfastened by water current or curious fish.
Step 2
Use a funnel to shape two funnels out of your hardware cloth. Attach these funnels to your tube sections facing inward, ensure that there is an opening for your intended prey to crawl in through. Secure the funnels together and to the tube with cut strips of 16-gauge wire.
Step 3
Bait your trap with bits of fish or vegetation. Don't worry about crawfish escaping through the entrances of the trap--if enough food is placed within the trap the greedy crawfish will not leave an easy food source.

Tips & Warnings

Use a variety of food. Crawfish are omnivorous and greedy, and the more bait the bigger the catch.
Use gloves and safety goggles when cutting wire to avoid severe puncture wounds.


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