How to Take the Wax Off of a Surfboard

How to Take the Wax Off of a Surfboard
Maybe it's the beginning of a new season, or maybe you're traveling to a destination with warmer water temperatures. Either way, it's time to wax your surfboard. Before you get your new wax out, you'll need to take the old wax off to provide a clean surface. So, gather a few supplies, take your board outside and get started.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Hair dryer (optional) Wax comb or scraper Wax removal solution Cloth
  • Hair dryer (optional)
  • Wax comb or scraper
  • Wax removal solution
  • Cloth
Step 1
Heat the wax. Leave the board out in the sun for a few minutes or use a hair dryer on low to heat and melt the wax. It will come off much easier this way. Once the wax starts to soften, you're ready to scrape it off.
Step 2
Scrape the wax off. Use a plastic scraper, wax comb or even a credit card in a pinch, to scrape the wax off the board.
Step 3
Don't forget the rails. If you waxed your handrails, don't forget to remove that wax as well.
Step 4
Apply a wax removal solution to get rid of any little pieces of wax after scraping. After a while, scraping tiny pieces of wax will get tedious and frustrating. Rub solution on with a cloth and remove those last little spots.
Step 5
Wipe down the board with a damp rag to remove any trace of solution. Dry it off or allow it to dry in the sun.
Step 6
Clean up old wax and dispose.

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