How to Make a Camp Oven

How to Make a Camp OvenMany novice camp cooks make the basic mistake of abandoning baking at the campground, limiting themselves to frying, broiling, boiling and barbecuing over the campfire, camp stove or campground barbecue grill. This is hardly necessary, as camping box ovens that convert any campfire into a functional oven are simple to make and require only a few basic materials. With such a camp oven, bake freshly caught fish, make cobbler in the field with wild berries, or turn out old-fashioned cornbread as easily as you toast a hot dog on the end of a stick.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Cardboard box
  • Pocket knife
  • Scissors
  • Aluminum foil
  • Staple gun
  • Cooking oil
Step 1
Remove the flaps from the top of a cardboard box with a pair of scissors or pocket knife. Make sure the box is large enough to enclose your campfire grill.
Step 2
Cut three ventilation holes into two facing sides of the box, near the bottom end.
Step 3
Cover the cardboard box with aluminum foil inside and out, using staples where necessary to fasten the foil to the sides of the box. Make sure the inside edges of your ventilation holes are covered with foil as well.
Step 4
Season the oven by dabbing an old rag in cooking oil and smearing a light coat onto the foil on the inside of the oven.

Tips & Warnings

To use this camp oven, dig a fire pit or use an existing fire pit. Start a wood or barbecue charcoal fire in it. Set a camping grill over the top of the fire. When you have a pile of red-hot coals in the fire pit, set your food on the grill and your camp oven over the grill and fire pit.

Article Written By Edwin Thomas

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