How to Properly Rig a Fishing Pole

How to Properly Rig a Fishing Pole
While the more experienced fisherman will know the proper way to rig a fishing pole, it is unlikely that the newcomer to this hobby will. After you purchase a new rod and reel along with fishing line and tackle, the pole can be quickly set up to be made functional.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Things You’ll Need:
  • Fishing line hook swivel split shots nail clippers pliers balsa fishing float
  • Fishing line
  • hook
  • swivel
  • split shots
  • nail clippers
  • pliers
  • balsa fishing float
Step 1
Attach the reel to the rod. Unscrew the ring at the base of the fishing rod, slip the reel into the slots provided and tighten the ring up to hold the reel in place.
Step 2
Spool your new line onto the reel. Thread the end of your line down the rod guides to the reel and open up its bail. Tie the line to the reel with an arbor knot (see Resources), wrap some line around the reel, close the bail and begin to reel in line from the new spool.
Step 3
Stop reeling when the line reaches within a quarter inch of the lip of your reel. Cut the line off the new spool.
Step 4
Use a clinch knot (see Resources) to tie a swivel or hook onto your line. Use a swivel if you plan to change presentations frequently but tie a hook on if you are going to fish exclusively with live bait.
Step 5
Secure a balsa spring fishing float to your line 24 inches above where your hook is tied if you desire to float fish. Push the spring down and slide your line into the slots on the float before allowing the spring to go back down.
Step 6
Pinch some split shots onto your line 18 inches from where the hook has been tied if you want to fish your bait on the bottom. Pinch open the split shots, slide the line through them and pinch them closed using a pair of pliers.

Tips & Warnings

A No. 4 hook is capable of hooking most freshwater species effectively.

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