How to Use Fishing Bobbers

How to Use Fishing Bobbers
A fishing bobber comes in handy when fishing with children who require a visual cue to set the hook on a biting fish. Experienced anglers also find bobbers useful when fishing in a slow-moving river with a rocky bottom; in this case a bobber can suspend the bait off the bottom and prevent continual snagging.


Difficulty: Moderate

How to Use Fishing Bobbers

Things You’ll Need:
  • rod and reel balsa spring bobber number four snelled hook live bait
  • rod and reel
  • balsa spring bobber
  • number four snelled hook
  • live bait
Step 1
Attach a balsa spring bobber onto your fishing line two feet above a number four snelled hook. Depress the spring, wrap the line around the slot in the bobber's stem, and let the spring go back to its original position to secure your bobber.
Step 2
Bait your hook with live bait such as a minnow, shiner, waxworm or night crawler.
Step 3
Cast out your line with an easy motion so the line doesn't tangle up in the bobber.
Step 4
Reel in any slack that may exist in your line. Observe your bobber constantly, looking for any indication of a biting fish such as the bobber moving up and down, being pulled all the way under the surface or being pulled against any current.
Step 5
Set the hook as hard as you can when the bobber indicates a fishing is biting. Be sure to pull back with vigor on the rod tip to set the hook, because the bobber's presence will somewhat interfere with a normal hook-setting motion.

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