How to Make a Rapelling Harness

How to Make a Rapelling Harness
We have all done it, rushed out the door, grabbed gear, and when we get to the cliff realize that we forgot our rappelling harness. If you know how to make your own rappelling harness your day won't be wasted, and you can still have a thrilling afternoon at the cliff. Making your own harness is simple, and it is a helpful skill to know in emergency situations.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • 20-inch piece of tubular webbing Locking carabiner
  • 20-inch piece of tubular webbing
  • Locking carabiner
Step 1
Fold a 20-inch piece of webbing in half, forming a small loop at one end. The length may vary for different waist sizes.
Step 2
Place the loop under your right leg, bring a loose end over your right leg, and pull the same end through the loop. Hold this end off to your right side to keep it out of the way.
Step 3
Pull the opposite end of webbing behind your left leg and then cross it over the front of the same leg. Feed it under the loop like you did in the previous step so that you form a triangle shape at your groin.
Step 4
Pull the right and left ends apart and cross them behind your back. Wrap the ends around your waist one time.
Step 5
Tie the loose ends together with a water knot, making sure to leave at least 2 to 3 inches on the ends of the knot. Connect a locking carabiner to the loop at your groin and the webbing around your waist, and then lock the carabiner.

Tips & Warnings

Make sure that you use climbing grade webbing purchased from an outdoor retailer and a locking carabiner.

Article Written By Rob Holzman

Based in the Pacific Northwest, Rob Holzman has been writing outdoor articles since 1997. He recently published the first comprehensive rock climbing guidebook for Pennsylvania and has fiction work published in the "Pacific Northwest Inlander". Holzman has also appeared on FOX television and has been an outdoor consultant for the Discovery Channel.

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