How to Put on Tubbs Snowshoe Harnesses

How to Put on Tubbs Snowshoe Harnesses
Tubbs makes a variety of snowshoes, from the lightweight Frontier model, designed for trail walking, to the heavy duty Couloir and Mountaineer, designed for rugged mountaineering challenges and deep snow. The bindings on Tubbs snowshoes are all a little different. The mountaineering models have a full closure harness over the forefront to provide better security when climbing steep terrain, while the walking and fitness models have a more open design to save weight. Regardless of which model of snowshoe binding you have, getting into them and securing them are similar.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Hiking boots or pack boots
Step 1
Put on your hiking boots or pack boots. Place the snowshoe flat on the snow so that the ankle binding buckle is on the outside of your foot.
Step 2
Loosen the straps that go over your forefoot. On the Mountaineer and Couloir, this is done with an outward tug on the straps. On other models, unbuckle the binding and pull the foam padding outward.
Step 3
Slide your foot into the binding harness until the ball of your foot rests on the rotating toe cord.
Step 4
Secure the straps on the forefront by buckling them, if necessary, and then pulling down on the straps toward the bottom of your foot to tighten the harness around your foot. Tuck excess webbing away under the harness.
Step 5
Pull the strap around the back of your ankle until it is snug. Tuck excess webbing away in the ankle webbing clip. Repeat the entire process with your other foot.

Article Written By Candace Horgan

Candace Horgan has worked as a freelance journalist for more than 12 years. Her work has appeared in various print and online publications, including the "Denver Post" and "Mix." Horgan holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and history.

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