How to Measure Northern Pike

How to Measure Northern Pike
Measuring a fish can be tricky. Not all formulas and methods work for all fish. Some are fatter, longer or just heavier. A few formulas are a good way to get a good feel for the weight, and your best friend for finding length is a simple measuring tape. With a few simple tools and patience, you can get an accurate reading for your big fish story.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy


Things You’ll Need:
  • 36-inch measuring tape
Step 1
Take your tape measure and stretch it from tail tip to mouth tip along your fish. Ensure that the fish is either suspended or held firmly to get an accurate reading of linear measurement.
Step 2
Place your tape measure on the side of your fish just ahead of the dorsal fin, then run it around the fish lengthwise. Once you make a full, snug ring around the fish you have its lateral measurement.
Step 3
To determine the weight of your Northern Pike there are a few formulas that you can follow. One is length times girth squared divided by 1,000. Another is length times length times length divided by 3,500. Both are rough estimates, and an average of both is more accurate.

Tips & Warnings

Measure twice to get the best reading possible.
Don't use a metal or wooden measure, as they are easily damaged by water and inaccurate on flexible fish.

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