How to Tie Lures to Fishing Line

How to Tie Lures to Fishing LineMany fishing lures will give the angler a more natural action in the water when they are tied directly to a fishing line rather than attached to a swivel. The Trilene knot is one of the best ways to affix a lure to your line. It is dependable and easy to remember once it has been successfully tied a few times. The Trilene knot is also a knot that can be used in regular monofilament fishing line without having to fret about it failing.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

How to:

Things You’ll Need:
  • Nail clippers
Step 1
Remember two terms that those who tie knots often use. One is the "tag end of the line," which is the very end of your line. The other term is the "standing end of the line," which refers to the part of the line going into the eye of your lure or hook.
Step 2
Hold onto your lure and locate the "eye" through which the fishing line must be passed. This small round opening will resemble the eye of a fishing hook. Pass the tag end of your line through this eye not once but twice.
Step 3
Take the tag end you have just threaded through the eye for the second time and wrap it around the standing end no less than five times. You may actually wrap this end around as many as seven if you wish to but five times is recommended.
Step 4
Find the loops that you first created when you passed the line through the eye twice. Pass the tag end through these loops.
Step 5
Pull the tag end to tighten up the Trilene knot. Take your nail clippers and trim this end that is now sticking up out of your knot. Avoid trimming it back too close to the knot as this could cause the knot to come undone. Leave an eighth of an inch sticking out and the knot should be secure.

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