How to Measure Bike Frame Size

How to Measure Bike Frame Size
If you are trying to sell your old bike or purchase a new one, you'll need to know its frame size. This basic piece of information indicates if the bicycle in question is the right size for the rider, and is also a useful measurement to know if you are calling ahead to rent a bike or reserving a place on a bicycle tour. In most cases, this information is printed on the bicycle, but sometimes you'll have to get out the measuring tape and determine the frame size yourself.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Tape measure
Step 1
Inspect the frame for a sticker or stamping that will indicate the bike size. This is a common marking for bicycles, although it may have been damaged in transit or worn off over time.
Step 2
Set the bike on its kickstand, or against the wall in a stable position if there is no kickstand.
Step 3
Measure the distance from the bicycle's hub, where the pedals are mounted, to the top rim of the seat tube. Note that the "seat tube" means the solid tubing of the bicycle frame, not the telescoping tube used to raise and lower the bicycle seat. This measurement yields the bike's frame size.
Step 4
Convert from inches to centimeters if you are working with a European bicycle. Multiply your measurement by 2.54 and round the result off.

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