How to Make a Snowboard Fun Box

How to Make a Snowboard Fun Box
Many snowboarders also like to skateboard, and look for different ways to use skateboard obstacles in the snow. Making a fun-box out of an old picnic table is a good project: It is versatile, snowboard friendly, and not very difficult to make yourself.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Things You’ll Need:
  • Old picnic table
  • Polyethylene sheet
  • Saw
  • Variably sized wood drill bits
  • Box of flat-head screws
  • Power drill with screw attachment
  • Two table-length pieces of angle iron
  • Variably-sized steel drill bits
  • Snow shovel
Step 1
Place the polyethylene sheet on the picnic table, and cut it to cover the entire top.
Step 2
Drill holes 1 foot apart around the border of the polyethylene and screw it to the table.
Step 3
Place the angle iron onto the two longer sides of the table. There should already be holes in it for the screws; if not, use a metal drill bit to make them, and then screw on the iron.
Step 4
Use the shovel to form two ramps at either end of the fun box. Trim them so the rider can reach the top of the fun box without clearing the entire obstacle at relatively slow speeds. It's better to make the launch ramp steeper than the catch ramp, so it's easier to land your tricks.

Tips & Warnings

Though you can build the box structure yourself, it's much safer to use a picnic table, since they are durable and sturdy enough to deal with some abuse.
Dig a hole for the table legs if you want to lower the entire box, and use an adjustable grind-rail so that you can go slow when learning new tricks.
Always be careful when you snowboard, and know your limits.

Article Written By Matthew Cote

Matthew Cote has had the privilege of living in New Jersey, South Florida, North Carolina and California; experiences that have led to a depth of character which shines through in his adaptability as a stylistic writer. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from North Carolina State University and has been published on and

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