How to Hook Water Up to a Coleman Pop-Up Camper

How to Hook Water Up to a Coleman Pop-Up Camper
Coleman pop-up campers are generally less expensive than RVs, but they offer campers more amenities than tents. If your pop-up camper contains a sink or shower, it has a built-in water system. This system allows you to hook the camper up to a water supply available in many RV parks and campgrounds. Hooking up the water system is simple and can be done with a garden hose or RV hose.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Non-toxic garden hose
Step 1
Locate the external city water inlet on your camper. This outlet should be located on one side of your camper and clearly marked as a city water inlet.
Step 2
Twist the protective cap off the city water inlet, turning counterclockwise.
Step 3
Attach a non-toxic garden hose to the city water inlet.
Step 4
Connect the opposite end of the same garden hose to the campground water hook-up.
Step 5
Turn on the water at the campground water hook-up.

Tips & Warnings

Coleman recommends installing an in-line water pressure regulator to prevent your camper's water system from excessively high water pressure that may occur at some campgrounds. This product is available at RV supply stores. Screw the regulator onto the campground water hook-up and then attach the garden hose directly to the regulator.

Article Written By Kittie McCoy

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