How to Fix a Tear in Tent Canvas

How to Fix a Tear in Tent CanvasWear and tear from general use of a tent, as well as improper storage amd setup, can damage the canvas. The repair process is moderately easy, but the integrity of the fabric will determine if the tear can be fixed. Tent repair kits are designed for small tears and are a valuable asset when camping or hiking outdoors or in the wilderness. You can patch a hole or tear in minutes, but you must take care of the surrounding area to prevent further tearing and damage.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

How to:

Things You’ll Need:
  • Sewing repair kit
  • Patch
  • Cement
Step 1
Measure the outside surface of the tent where the tear is located. Use a similarly styled patch as your canvas tent. Choose a patch that exceeds the dimensions of the damaged area. For example, for a 4-by-4-inch area of damaged canvas, use a 5-by-5-inch patch.
Step 2
Fold over each side of the patch so it lays flat as it covers the edges of damaged area. This will eliminate fraying. Cut loose treads along the edges as necessary.
Step 3
Sew or glue the patch over the tear. Seal the upper seam of the patch with cement or similar product. Allow the cement to harden before moving the tent.
Step 4
Apply a moisture-repellent spray to treat the patch. Follow-up treatments may be necessary.

Tips & Warnings

Tent repair kits offer more durable threads and needles for sewing heavy-duty canvas.
If the fabric of the tent is too frayed or damaged, you most likely will not be able to repair the damaged area. Look for an area around the tear that will not unravel easily to check for the suitability of a patch. If the area is strong, it will withstand the strain of the patch and not fall apart once the sewing process begins.

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