How to Attract Minnows

How to Attract Minnows
A minnow is a broad term used to a describe small fish. Larger fish feed on minnows, so minnows form schools along the banks and coastlines of freshwater and saltwater sources. Minnows are easy to attract and store. If you keep the minnows alive or in good condition, you can use them for bait to attract larger fish. The process for attracting these small creatures is easy, but you'll need a few tools.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Fishing net
  • Bait
  • Bucket
Step 1
Lower a fishing net into the water where you see black or silver shadows. Lower the net slowly to avoid disturbing the school or causing too much agitation to the water and frightening the fish.
Step 2
Place your bait in the water. Attract freshwater minnows with bait such as bread crumbs, mosquitoes, algae, mushrooms, animal matter or plant matter. Saltwater minnows can also eat shrimp.
Step 3
Wait as the minnows swim to feed on the bait. Avoid any swift movements to guard against startling the minnows.
Step 4
Remove the net from the water and store the captured minnows in a bucket of water.

Tips & Warnings

Minnows can also be kept as pets.

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