How to Test a Bicycle Speedometer

How to Test a Bicycle Speedometer
Bicycle computers--or speedometers as they are also called--calculate low and high wind speeds to measure speed. Use a speedometer to train for a race or marathon or to track your daily speed for weight management and general fitness goals. Once you've installed a speedometer according to the manufacturer's instructions, you'll want to perform a quick test to be sure the equipment is working properly. Over time, you may also want to perform routine tests to make sure maintenance is not needed.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Attach the speedometer as directed.
Step 2
Choose a course or trail that is clearly marked for distance. You can also use any track that circles a football ball.
Step 3
Start the speedometer as you start to cycle along the length of the path. Maintain a steady pace. Check for a reading on the speedometer, but do not stop pedaling or stop your bicycle until you have completed the full length of the course.
Step 4
Use the formula "rate equals distance divided by time," or R=D/T, to check the accuracy of your speedometer. If you cycled two miles in 30 minutes, calculate R=2/.50.
Step 5
Check the speedometer. It should indicate that you cycled 4 mph.

Tips & Warnings

If your speedometer is not working properly, return it to the manufacturer.

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