How to Look for Closeout Hiking Boots

How to Look for Closeout Hiking BootsYour hiking adventure begins with a good pair of hiking boots. Unfortunately, what is otherwise a free or very inexpensive sport can be compromised by the high price of new boots. Depending on the type you're buying, hiking boots can cost you one or two hundred dollars. Instead of paying top dollar for the newest boots, find closeout deals and save yourself big money.


Difficulty: Moderate

Step 1
Shop at outlet websites. Pass by the main retailers like REI or Backcountry and head to their outlet stores, which can be accessed from their main websites. These sites have older closeout gear at substantially reduced prices.
Step 2
Check out Sierra Trading Post. This closeout website specializes in outdoor gear. It generally has an excellent selection of boots at slashed prices, often at 35 to 70 percent off retail.
Step 3
Target the end of the season. If you're seeking summer hiking boots or shoes, shop in late fall to look for closeout deals. Many outdoor sporting good shops have seasonal stock and need to quickly move the summer stock to make room for winter goods. Therefore, you may find the deal you're looking for. When it comes to winter boots, shop in the late winter or early spring.
Step 4
Shop holidays. If you don't want to wait until later in the season, there are several big spring and summer holidays during which sporting goods and outdoor retailers often hold sales. During the weeks leading up to Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day, look for sales that include hiking boots. Keep an eye out for sales around other holidays, too, like Father's Day.
Step 5
Shop early-season sales. Some stores look to take advantage of people getting prepared for a new season and run sales in hopes of selling unsold gear from the previous year. Check for these sales on the retailer's website, local newspaper or by stopping by the store itself. Also, sign up on mailing lists---hard mail, email or both---to get notices about sales sent to you.
Step 6
Take advantage of technology. If there's a specific pair of boots that you're shopping for, use shopping comparison sites like Nextag to find the best price on the boots. Get instantaneous access to prices from a large number of retailers to find the best deal. Meta sites like this can often help you find sales---and even retailers---that you had no idea were there.

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