Making Freeze Dried Coffee

Making Freeze Dried Coffee
Foods can be divested of their moisture to make them lighter, more convenient to carry or longer lasting when stored at room temperature. Simple "dehydration" renders a cheaper product, but "freeze-drying," which completely eliminates any structure-altering liquid phase, retains more of a food's original flavor, color, odor, proteins, vitamins and texture. Small pores left by the vaporized ice crystals ensure that the food will rehydrate quickly. Sealed freeze-dried coffee, lightweight and compact, can be stored for years and still emerge from it package tasting fresh brewed.


Difficulty: Easy

Making coffee

Things You’ll Need:
  • Heat source--home stove or campfire
  • Metal pot to boil water
  • Freeze-dried coffee
  • Scissors or knife to open package
  • Spoon
  • Cup
Step 1
Read instructions to determine amount of coffee to use for required number of servings.
Step 2
Boil water in pot.
Step 3
Spoon coffee into cup to desired taste, making sure that it is completely dissolved.
Step 4
Add boiling water to the cup, about 3/4 full and stir.
Step 5
Allow to cool to preferred drinking temperature. Taste and add more water if necessary.

Tips & Warnings

If camping, use a cup with a plastic or "cool" handle.
On campfire, level the pot so it won't spill.
Allow coffee to cool, so that it does not burn your mouth.
Always have first aid kit ready when camping.

Article Written By Barry Truman

Barry Truman has published many outdoor activity articles in the past five years with International Real Travel Adventures, the Everett Herald and Seattle Post Intelligencer newspapers, Backpacking Light Magazine and He has a forestry degree from the University of Washington.

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