How to Fish With Buzz Bait

How to Fish With Buzz BaitA buzz bait is bass lure that consists of a "skirt" of vinyl or other materials that hides a single large hook. The lure possesses a spinning blade that acts almost exactly like a propeller, turning as the bait is reeled in through the water to churn up the surface. This attracts the bass, which will come up from underneath and behind the buzz bait to attempt to devour it. There is a certain technique to fishing with a buzz bait that must be observed to yield success.


Difficulty: Challenging

How to:

Things You’ll Need:
  • Rod and reel
  • Buzz bait
Step 1
Tie the buzz bait to your line with a clinch knot or nonslipping Palomar knot. Use braided "superlines" for the best results as buzz baits are best fished where there is weed cover, which can result in having to pull bass out of thick vegetation.
Step 2
Cast your buzz bait onto, next to and/or over heavy weeds like lily pads. The lure is able to move over and through such plant life in the water because of its unique design.
Step 3
Keep your rod tip up straight after you cast and begin to reel in your buzz bait the second it hits the water. By not letting it settle and sink you will get that propeller spinning and keep the buzz bait on the surface where it is meant to be. This is the single most important factor in fishing this lure.
Step 4
Hold your hands high as you reel in the buzz bait. Your hands should be at eye level as you hold your reel handle and turn it. Keep the reel turning fast enough to keep the blades of the lure spinning.
Step 5
Watch the buzz bait closely as it travels through the water. Often you will see the ripples and/or the wake caused by the bass as it comes up from behind it. When a bass strikes the bait, pull back hard on the rod tip to set the hook in its jaw and then play the fish.
Step 6
Utilize the buzz bait at dusk and dawn when the light is low. Calm water or water that is affected by a light breeze allows the buzz bait to perform its best.

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