How to Take Care of Your Fishing Worms

How to Take Care of Your Fishing WormsWorms such as red worms and night crawlers are common fishing bait because they attract fish of all species. Whether you catch your own worms for bait or purchase them, you can save money, time and effort by knowing how to keep them alive and fresh. By remembering that light, heat and dryness are the worst enemies of worms, you can maintain your bait for weeks.


Difficulty: Moderate

How to:

Things You’ll Need:
  • Plastic coffee containers
  • Worm bedding
  • Ice cooler
  • Ice
  • Portable bait carrier
Step 1
Refrigerate your worms in plastic coffee containers between fishing outings. Mark the container clearly to avoid family members opening them by mistake. Put worm bedding, grass clippings or moist leaves in the container until you fill it about halfway. Keep as many as five dozen worms in a 48 oz. container and half that many in the smaller containers. The refrigeration will preserve the worms, and they will be fresh and lively when you use them.
Step 2
Place worms in the shade on hot days when fishing. The heat can quickly kill your worms, even when in a container. Find a shady spot and put the container there while you fish. Keep the lid closed on the container so no worms escape and to keep heat out.
Step 3
Bring a cooler of ice with you when the summer heat rises and place the worm containers in it. Keep the containers on the top of the ice as any water from melting can drown them. Close the lid on the cooler every time you grab a new worm to cut down on melting.
Step 4
Build a worm box out of pressurized lumber, and keep it in a cool dry area such as your basement. Make the box 2 feet long, 3 feet wide and 2 feet high, with the top end open. Fill the box halfway with worm bedding purchased from a tackle shop or sporting goods outfit. Place the worms you catch or fail to use on your outings in the box. Keep the bedding moist, but never drench it. Place a damp burlap bag over the bedding or some straw in order to retain the moisture.
Step 5
Purchase a worm carrier that you can bring with you fishing. These portable devices keep the worms fresh, with many having foam insulation to protect against heat. Some have multiple doors that you can open to get at the worms. A lid you can lock will help keep any worms from escaping, states the Bass Pro Shops website. Some portable worm carriers possess compartments where you can place ice packs to ensure the worms stay cool.

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