How to Find Fishing Worms

How to Find Fishing Worms
When you know where to look for earthworms and night crawlers, you always have a chance to find some free fishing bait. Night crawlers and smaller worms are relatively easy to capture once you find them. Fish as large as bass and as small as dace will greedily chow down on a worm, allowing you to land multiple species with such bait. Become aware of the many places worms hang out and take advantage of their appeal to fish on your next fishing adventure.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Look on your front lawn during the spring and summer seasons at night, especially during or after a soaking rain. Night crawlers will be out in abundance, coming up from the soil where you can catch them using little more than a flashlight, a plastic container and your hands. Baseball fields and golf courses are other good sites to search for night crawlers when conditions are right in the evening.
Step 2
Dig in fertile loam looking for red worms and earthworms. Find a place where the soil is soft and turn over a spade of it. Gardens are often a fruitful spot for this activity. Shake the dirt so any worms in the shovelful will fall out. Look in the hole you created for worms before digging some more. The Take Me Fishing website says to avoid wasting your time looking in sandy soil or in very hard packed ground. Worms seldom exist in such conditions.
Step 3
Search for worms in compost piles, in and under manure from farms and in moist dead leaves. Comb through these locations with a rake, watching for any worms that you may reveal.
Step 4
Turn over things such as large stones, cinder blocks, boards, lumber, bricks and other items that are in contact with the ground. Pick up old tarpaulins that cover the ground. Worms will take cover under such things but will rapidly try to squiggle down their holes when exposed to the light. You need to be quick and grab as many as you can. Roll over logs in the moist woodlands around your home or near the water where you are going fishing. Worms are often underneath logs in large numbers, especially if the weather has been dry.
Step 5
Purchase worms for fishing bait at your local tackle shop, bait shop, gas station, convenience store or department store's sporting goods section. Bait shops in particular typically have a supply of different species of fishing worms to fit your angling needs.

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