How to Sell an RV Campsite Membership

How to Sell an RV Campsite Membership
With RV campsite memberships, you always have access to a campground and some even let their residents leave their campers there throughout the year. The way it works is that you purchase membership and then receive a time to visit. Some memberships even give you access to multiple campgrounds and resorts owned by the same company. If you decide that you no longer have time in your schedule for camping or that you want to sell your RV campsite membership for any other reason, checking the regulations in place is only one part of the process.


Difficulty: Moderate

Step 1
Contact the owner or manager of the campground before you start the selling process. Ask about selling your membership and what it entails. You may discover that you're only allowed to sell during a certain season or that the company requires you turn the membership back over. Private campgrounds often won't allow the resale of its memberships.
Step 2
Look into the transfer history of your membership, especially if you aren't the first owner. Companies such as Outdoor World place restrictions on the transfer or number of times the membership changes hands. If the maximum number of transfers already passed, you won't be able to sell your membership.
Step 3
Write a complete description of the campsite and the amenities that come with your membership, such as a prime piece of real estate with a spot next to the water or oceanfront site. Also mention the activities or amenities offered by the campground, such as a pet-friendly campground or one for adults. Make sure that you also mention the type of hookups that come with your site.
Step 4
List your RV campsite membership on websites that specialize in selling camping memberships such as RV Coach. These websites have a forum system, where users register for an account and list their information on the forums. Interested buyers have the chance to ask any questions they might have, as well as contact you about a possible sale.
Step 5
Use a specialist like Camp Resort. This company specializes in brokering deals between campground membership sellers and buyers. You contact the company, which then lists your membership to buyers. The company handles all aspects of the sales transaction and takes a small percentage of the sale price as its fee.

Tips & Warnings

Don't forget reputable RV magazines, especially Trailer Life. The website has an extensive classifieds section in the back of the magazine and for a small fee, you have the chance to list your own membership in there and reach a wider audience.


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