How to Bait Worms on a Hook

How to Bait Worms on a Hook
The key to baiting and fishing with worms is to make them look alive. If the worm is draped off the hook in a natural looking way, the fish will be more likely to bite. As the fisherman reels in the worm, it will wiggle in the passing water even if it is no longer alive, adding to the illusion.The fish will never suspect a hook hidden inside the juicy wriggler until it is too late.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Worms
  • Hook
  • Knife
Step 1
Put on latex gloves. According to The Fundamentals of Fishing, the smell of an amino acid on your hands may repel fish. This step is not necessary, but may help you catch fish.
Step 2
Compare the size of your worm to the size of your hook. If your worm is much longer, cut it into pieces which are each only slightly longer than the hook.
Step 3
Thread the hook through the worm near one of its ends. Thread the worm halfway up the hook.
Step 4
Spear the worm again near its midsection. Thread the worm further up so that the first spot you pierced is near the top and the second spot is midway up the hook.
Step 5
Spear the worm one more time so that the end of the barb is covered by its body. This will make the worm look like it is floating free and disguise the hook from your potential catch.

Article Written By Isaiah David

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