How to Care for Plastic Fishing Worms

How to Care for Plastic Fishing WormsSoft plastics are ideal as fishing lures because of their resilience and texture, but how well you take care of plastic baits can affect how long they last. Precautions also need to be taken to ensure that plastic worms don't damage other items in your tackle box, which is a possibility if you're careless with them.


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Things You’ll Need:
  • Superglue
Step 1
Store plastic baits in a tight container at temperatures below 100 degrees F. If you leave plastic baits in a hot location--such as a garage, storage shed or in the sun while fishing--they can melt and lose their form. The sealed container is to keep the plastic worms closed off from insects that might have a taste for them or the plastic oil covering them.
Step 2
Use special worm oil on the plastic worms--not other types of lubricating oil. Some oils can harden the lures and render them useless in the water--and give off a scent that is unappealing to fish. The proper oil can be found at most fishing specialty stores or bait shops.
Step 3
Keep plastic worms separated from other plastic lures and tackle. The oil can damage other types of plastics, just as those plastics can damage your plastic worms.
Step 4
Use superglue to attach loose eyes and to fill tears in the plastic. Once the plastic is torn or ripped, the size of the gash can grow quickly and soon lead to the end of your worm. Superglue offers a permanent fix to the problem.

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