How to Donate Ski Equipment

How to Donate Ski Equipment
Used and older ski and snowboard equipment may not hold much use for you, but it will for others. Charities and organizations across the country accept gently worn but good-condition equipment. It's then sent to needy children and others. If you're ready to give up skiing completely or just need some new gear, consider giving the old gear to those in need and donate your ski equipment.


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Step 1
Pull out all your ski equipment and give it a good onceover, looking for any signs of damage or broken parts. Most charities and organizations only want gently used equipment because fixing damage and breaks costs too much money. Only donate equipment that another person can actually use on the slopes.
Step 2
Give your skis to the Extreme Adaptive Sports Ski Donation Program. The company accepts skis from different sources, fixes any problems and sells those skis to private buyers. Some skis are also made into adaptive sports gear for the handicapped and then donated to appropriate organizations.
Step 3
Contact Sports Gift, which works out of Dana Point, California. This company takes donations of all types of sporting goods equipment, including skis and snowboards. All donations are checked and fixed before being sent to needy children all across the state, giving them a chance to ski.
Step 4
Check with organizations for kids such as the Boys and Girls Club of America. Ski towns such as Aspen and Breckenridge and charity organizations around heavy-winter areas are the best place to donate your old gear.These groups often take kids on ski trips in the surrounding area and need donations of equipment.

If all else fails, donate your equipment to Goodwill or a thrift store in your area. You'll receive a receipt that lets you write off the donation on your taxes, as you will with most of these groups.

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