How to Make a Snowboard Out of a Skate Deck

How to Make a Snowboard Out of a Skate Deck
If you're interested in snowboarding with your skateboard, then there are ways to modify your wooden skate deck for the icy slopes. Once the device is slick and affixed with a snow-blade, you'll have a brand-new snow skate to bring to your favorite slope. Just follow these simple instructions, and soon you'll be shredding some serious powder on your very own home-made snow skateboard.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Prepare the Snow Blade

Things You’ll Need:
  • Snowblade
  • Utility Knife
  • Wood Glue
  • Soap and Water
  • Two skateboard Trucks
  • Hacksaw
  • 1/4" Metal Drill Bit
  • Black Marker
  • 20 1/4" Round-Headed Screws
  • 1 14" long Metal Strip (1" wide by 1/8" thick)
  • 4 1" metal-tube fasteners
  • Bar of Snowboard Wax
Step 1
Cut off any protrusions with the utility knife, and smooth out any dings with wood glue. Wash the board with soap and water.
Step 2
Cut the axles of the truck with the hacksaw to ensure that they do not extend beyond the rails of the deck.
Step 3
Enlarge the mounting holes in the base plate of the truck to prepare for the round-headed screws.

Mount the Blade

Step 1
Space your trucks evenly along the blade, and mark four mounting holes per truck with the black marker.
Step 2
Drill four pilot holes per truck, and make sure not to puncture the base of the blade.
Step 3
Fasten the trucks to the snow-blade using the four round-headed screws.

Prepare the Deck

Step 1
Attach the metal strap down the length of your deck's base with four more round-headed screws placed at both ends.
Step 2
Attach the trucks to the deck using the tubing fasteners and 8 more round-headed screws.
Step 3
Screw a dozen more round-headed screws into the top of the deck for grip; using the hacksaw, cut off any tips that protrude through the wood.
Step 4
Wax the snow blade, and head out to the mountain.

Tips & Warnings

Snow-skate within your own limits. This sport is dangerous by nature; therefore, exercise extreme caution when first learning to ride.

Article Written By Matthew Cote

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