How to Choose a Fishing Line

How to Choose a Fishing Line
When it comes to different varieties of fishing line there are three major types on the market. Each of these fishing lines has its strong points. When an angler is trying to decide between purchasing monofilament, fluorocarbon, or braided fishing line she should take into account what sort of fishing she will be doing and how each line fits her needs.


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Step 1
Choose monofilament fishing line if you want a line that is easy to cut, casts well, is inexpensive, and comes in many different colors. Monofilament line is also the easiest type to tie knots in and these knots will hold up well.
Step 2
Avoid monofilament line if you want a stronger fishing line that does not stretch. Monofilament is more prone to break and absorbs water, allowing it to stretch more than the other two types.
Step 3
Choose braided "superlines" if you want the strongest available fishing lines. These lines are resistant to stretching and to abrasion, making them the best choice for those that fish for species like bass in heavy weeds. Choose braided line if you consistently fish jerkbaits and need to feel a fish biting no matter how soft that bite may be.
Step 4
Avoid superlines if you want a less expensive type of line or one that won't spook easily frightened fish. Superline is more costly than monofilament due to its being made of different compounds, and it is easily seen in the water by fish.
Step 5
Choose fluorocarbon line if you want a line that is just about invisible in the water, won't stretch, can withstand the ultraviolet rays of the sun that deteriorate other lines, and sinks rapidly in the water. Many anglers will buy this line just to use as a leader, attaching it to their monofilament or braided lines so fish cannot see it.
Step 6
Avoid fluorocarbon if you are on a budget; this is easily the most expensive of fishing lines. Fluorocarbon also is "stiffer" than other lines, making it more difficult to cast.

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