The Best Way to Carry Money Overseas in Italy

The Best Way to Carry Money Overseas in Italy
Italy isn't the cheapest country to visit, so you need to make sure you have plenty of money with you when traveling overseas to visit. Of course, there are many different ways of carrying money into the country; however many of these ways you want to avoid because doing so puts you at risk of losing your vacation allowance.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • ATM debit card Money belt Money pouch
  • ATM debit card
  • Money belt
  • Money pouch
Step 1
Carry some cash with you when traveling into Italy. Put the cash in a money belt. If you are robbed you most likely won't lose your belt. This cash is for emergencies so don't spend it unless absolutely necessary. A money belt works just like any other belt; however there is a zipper on the inside of it (the side facing your waist). You can either unbuckle the belt to insert the money or put the money into the belt before wearing it.
Step 2
Stop by an ATM when you first arrive in Italy. You can withdraw money here, and you might receive better exchange rates than any money changer can give you. However, you are going to be hit with a bank fee, so take out larger amounts of money. You are charged the same fee every time, so withdrawing more money less often is a good idea.
Step 3
Place your spare money into a money pouch that hangs on the inside of your pants. Don't take money out of the pouch in the open; this defeats the purpose of the pouch. Do so in an uncrowded area or in a bathroom.
Step 4
Bring disposable ATM debit cards if you want. These are great when traveling because you can have several cards spread among your belongings, so even if you are robbed you won't lose your only means of purchasing items. These disposable ATM debit cards are also not part of a bank, so the fees when using them are less than your bank's debit card. You prepay for the cards so there is a set monetary amount on the cards. There is a phone number on the back of the card you can call if the card is lost or stolen.

Article Written By Greyson Ferguson

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