How to Get the Best Money Exchange in India

How to Get the Best Money Exchange in India
Traveling through India can be a live changing experience, from seeing the different hind temples to seeing how the locals live, you aren't going to forget a thing about your trip through the country. While travel, you are going to run into your share of expenses, so you need to know the best way of exchanging your foreign currency to the Indian rupee (abbreviated as Rs).


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Stop by an ATM outside of a bank. These ATMs give the best exchange rates and are usually in safer locations than other ATMs. You can withdraw money from your debit account through the bank's ATM. Most banks are going to have the exchange rate printed nearby.
Step 2
Withdraw higher amounts of money at one time. You are charged a "per-withdraw" fee. Whether you take out five or fifty dollars worth of cash, you are charged the same fee.
Step 3
Go to a money changer if you are carrying foreign cash or travelers check. These money changers are located throughout most major cities, but you will have trouble finding them in the lesser known areas of India.
Step 4
Inspect every bill you receive from the money changer. Don't accept anything that is heavily damaged or extremely dirty because many local facilities don't accept this kind of payment.

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