How to Lash a Rope Ladder

How to Lash a Rope Ladder
Whether it be for improving a campsite, the slope leading down to a riverbank or a backyard treehouse, rope ladders are imminently useful. A working ladder can be made with little more than a knife, some rope and some scrap timber. The trickiest part is lashing the ladder together so that the rope has a firm grip on the timber rungs and everything comes out even. A logical knot for this purpose is the alpine loop, which is designed to be tied into the middle of a length of rope.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Scissors or knife
Step 1
Let the part of the line where you wish to tie your first loop lay over the extended fingers of your hand, so that it is in a hanging position. Bring the end of the line that is laying over the top of your fingers under, up and over your fingers so that they have been wrapped up once in a loop.
Step 2
Wrap the end of the line around again to create a second loop. Pull the first loop back so it extends over the second loop. Pull this first loop back towards your finger tips by threading it under the second loop. As you pull the first loop through, pull the entire knot off your fingers.
Step 3
Keep the alpine butterfly knot loose. Fit the ladder rung into the loop and lash it down onto the rung by pulling on the lines extending out of the loop only. Do not pull on the loop.
Step 4
Make an alpine loop for every run, spacing them out by a foot per rung. Leave at least a few feet of extra rope at the top and bottom of the ladder.
Step 5
Repeat the procedure to lash the second rope to the other end of the ladder rungs.
Step 6
Measure the extra rope extending off the top and bottom of the ladder. Trim all the excess rope from the intended bottom of the ladder with scissors or a knife. Trim the enough from the tops of the ropes so that both ropes are the same length.

Article Written By Edwin Thomas

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